Music of radio program to air on WPSU

Jerry Zolten, associate professor of communication sciences and arts and integrative arts at Penn State Altoona, and Academy Award–nominated film producer Frank Christopher collaborated on “Time to Lay It Down: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War,” a two-part radio application that will air on WPSU at noon on Sept. 16. Audio of Vietnam-era radio program to air on WPSU

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Best Equipment For Laboratory

There are a lot of companies that sell laboratory equipment online. If you want to make sure you’re buying the best for the right amount of money, you’re going to want to use the tips here. That way you can come out of this with the equipment you need.

When you’re first looking for equipment, you’re going to want to use a search engine site to find out who sells what. If you know the name of the kind of equipment you’re wanting to buy, then search for it and you should bring up results of companies that sell that particular kind of equipment. If you’re just trying to find equipment in general, then you’ll want to search for something like laboratory equipment or something to that effect. Once you get some results, make note of the names of the companies that are selling the equipment so you can research them further in the future.

laboratory equipment and their uses

Once you have an idea of who offers what, you’re going to want to find reviews on the different companies that are selling equipment. You need to find out if other people have bought from the company and if they had a good experience when doing so. If you can’t find much out about a company but it has been around for a while, that’s a good sign. It at least means that they haven’t been given a lot of bad reviews. Ideally, you’ll want to shop with a company that gets good reviews if you can find one, however.

Important advice from Johnsons Laboratory Logistics – Before you buy any products from a company, you should find reviews on the products themselves. You need to know what people thought of using them and if they hold up in the labs of other people. You want to avoid buying equipment that is super cheap and falls apart on people because that could lead to problems in your laboratory. It’s best to spend a little extra if you have to so you can know that the equipment you have is going to work for you every step of the way.

lab equipment definition

See how much you’re going to have to pay for shipping when you order from a company online. If you’re buying one thing at a time from multiple companies, it’s going to cost you more to ship the items than if you were to just buy everything at one time from one company. Shipping is sometimes where a company tries to make a little extra money by charging more than they should. At least find out if shipping comes with a guarantee where if you’re not happy with the products because something happened during shipping, you can get your money back.

Laboratory equipment is something you have to be careful about buying. You want to make sure you get the best equipment possible for prices that are fair. Once you find the right retailer you’ll know it because they will have a good reputation for prices that are great.

Music royalty tracker Kobalt Makes Songs Music Publishing to Get an estimated $160M; Songs Anticipated to shut down with some execs moving to Kobalt (Ben Sisario/New York Times)

December 8, 9:15 PM ET, 2017

Allan Smith / Business Insider:

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Patreon States it will reduce assurance fee from 5% to 2.9 percent but add a $0.35 fee for every individual assurance, causing concern among some creators

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