SA Music Awards were Saved from by nasty C audio movies

The announcement was made by organisers late on Tuesday evening.

The two movies, Good Girls and Don’t Do It, were questioned following last week’s nominations announcement, with fans pointing out that the movies were not aired on national television before January 31, according to the competitions principles.

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The case organisers launched an investigation.

“Our investigations have revealed that the movies were filed for entrance on 24 January 2017. We have further determined as demanded by the SAMA rules that the movies were not flighted prior to the closing date of the entries of 31.

“In light of the two music videos have been automatically disqualified because they do not meet the standards for the best Music Video Category,” organisers said in a statement.

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The organisers said that they had trusted that the movies had retained with the principles of this competition however accepted responsibility.

They included that replacement nominees would be announced.

The changes imply that Nasty C tally of all nominations now goes down to 5, making offender rapper Kwesta the artist of the awards with six nods.

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Kid Rock releases a pair of songs

Amid discussions of a possible U.S. Senate run, Kid Rock came straight back to his first job at midnight Friday and launched two new songs, “Greatest Show on Earth” and “Po-Dunk,” with accompanying music movies to boot.

“Greatest Show on Earth” is really a riff-heavy rocker with an anthemic chorus and boastful, lyrics that are stereotypical. “I am the realest (expletive) and I am coming of age,” he brags at a single point.

The movie gathers different shows over recent years in addition to footage out of the past music videos of Rock. (The single’s cover artwork is a shot out of one of Rock’s Comerica Park concerts.) The conclusion of the video teases Rock’s “Greatest Show on Earth” excursion “coming soon to a town near you” at 2018.

“Po-Dunk” is a bluegrass-style party of white trash living, and its own video is a veritable orgy of flags, guns, mud, beer, lawnmowers, horse masks, shotgun shells and roadkill. From the movie, Rock sports gold chains and corn pops .

The new songs arrive as Rock has teased a possible run for the Senate, launching a website that sells merchandise sporting a “Kid Rock for US Senate” message.

“I’ve had a ton of texts and emails asking me if this website is actual … http://kidrockforsenate.com The answer is an absolute YES,” the rocker tweeted Wednesday.

When news outlets reported Rock had not filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, which is needed if he would like to raise money for a campaign, Rock fired back with a message on his own website on Thursday attacking the “fake news” media.

“Once more the press is wrong,” he wrote, detailing the conditions of his new album deal and stating he intends to release music throughout his campaign. He ended by stating, “I’m the captain today,” a quotation from the film “Captain Phillips.”

Rock stated he had “no plans to get a record or anything else which has been the typical norm in the audio industry.”

The 2 songs are streaming on other and Spotify subscription audio services.

Rock is due to perform six concerts at Little Caesars Arena in September, the initial events scheduled at the Detroit stadium.

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Kid Rock releases group of new songs, songs videos

‘Greatest Show on Earth’ and ‘Po-Dunk’ arrive, complete with audio movies


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Week performances and 3 songs – Radio Times

The X Factor live show 1 - judges Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger

We thought we’re going to be waving goodbye to FOUR contestants per week three, together with 2 acts going house on Saturday evening and possibly two more stating provided that Sunday night, but Mr Cowell said it would not be fair to boot so many people this out early on and determined that just TWO acts will leave the contest this weekend.

So who will be going home at the end of George Michael Week? And who will have what is needed to survive and sing another day?

Have a look through tonight’s performances and choose for yourself…



Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017

Song: Religion — George Michael

The judges stated: “What a means to start out George Michael week, I really like it” explained Nicole who said that the boys were “bridging the gap” between the old and the new with their original violin, which sampled the George Michael classic. She praised the group for keeping the “the ethics of the song” and advised them they had done a “lovely job”.

“Every week it gets better and better” stated Louis. “You make it seem so easy and I know how hard you work behind the scenes.” And Sharon Osbourne said she “really loved it”. “I simply love the fact that as George stated he expected his catalog goes on for generations to come and now we are with another generation” she added.

“What you did says everything about who you’re” said mentor Simon Cowell. “You’re current, you are relevant. There’s something about you guys.   I do believe, I don’t want to jinx this, ” I think we are watching celebrities being born in front of us.”

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