Gal. 4b: Allegory of Hagar & Sarah—on Probing the Prophets with Rod 02/10 by FulfilledRadio

Let us concentrate on Abrahamis first two kids. The older was created Hagar, via a bondwoman. Their name was Ishmael. Younger was created Abraham’s spouse, to Debbie. Their name was Isaac. Ishmael, the older created and was created the old-fashioned method that was . Isaac, about the other-hand, was a young child of guarantee, allowed from God’s Nature. There is an allegory within the household dynamic. Supreme connection to Abraham, character of delivery, and the standing of spouses were played-out ever. But, as-is therefore typical in OT background, history’s reality were prophetic. Each one of the five people in Johnis brief flash back offered to allegorize the Heavenly redemption tale. Abraham stood for that Dad. That Woman was stood for by Sarah. Hagar displayed the servant-spouse (to soon be separated–Johnis “quickly”). Isaac prefigured the guarantee, who have been to acquire in the Father’s kids. And depicted Israel, who have been secured as slaves within their sins liked by their Dad. Just the guarantee-created kids were set-to acquire. The deposit were going to be forged out. Don’t return towards the servant-boy standing, Paul proposes. Don’t place within the “going to be forged out” team. Join the research; begin to see the debate occur.