The 34 Music Pictures Of 2017

The impact of a music video can sometimes make or break a song. It can improve the melody’s effect through creative cinematography or management. It can transport viewers to another planet in below five-minutes, or it can bring one back to that time when music videos have been honored and rewarded more than the actual song.

In   the calendar year of 2017, music lovers were not only treated to surprise and also exceed-your-expectation recordings, but in addition visuals that made us take some time out of our hectic day to watch, dissect, and also experience a specific emotion after viewing.

Here are the videos — in no specific order — that we had our eyes glued to this 365, from December 2016 until November 2017.

Artist: JAY-Z
Video: “Moonlight”
Manager: Alan Yang

The Tidal captain’s short film for “Moonlight” put black Hollywood’s most game-changing celebrities in a replicated Friends set. Not only do the lyrics boast examples of artistic/cultural appropriation along with too little fame, but the traces that the stars recite also talk life to the 7-minute reel. In a past interview, Queen Latifah shared the Friends was inspired by the cult-classic alive Single. Friends was notorious for incorporating small to no recurring black celebrities during its 10-season run.

Artist: Camila Cabello
Video: “Havana” feat. Young Thug
Manager: Dave Meyers

Paying homage to the musicality of Cuba, pop singer Camila Cabello transported viewers from a telenovela to this hole in the wall discoteca outfitted with a live band and listeners who continue a tradition of bodily expression that is traveled from production to production.

Artist: DJ Khaled
Video: “Wild Thoughts” feat. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
Manager: Colin Tilley

Considering that the tropical atmosphere of the nearly four-minute visual, it is only right the Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace in Miami, Fla. serves as the heart of this replay-worthy video. The Grateful cut captured all of Rihanna’s angles, even inspiring one to reevaluate her movements whenever the monitor plays in the club.

Artist: Logic
Video: “1-800-273-8255″ feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid
Manager: Andy Hines

Logic’s “1-800-273-8255″ wasn’t only revered for its gripping   statements or topic matter, but also for the visual element. The lens follows a high-schooler who is grappling with his own sexuality. After his father finds out that he is homosexual, a battle for understanding ensues which leads the major character to a stage of near-suicide. Fortunately, things begin to get to a kingdom of acceptance as viewers watch the protagonist go to create a life based on love through marriage and kids. Named after the suicide prevention hotline, “1-800″ caused the company for a spike in calls against people seeking an ear to help and listen.

Artist: J. Cole
Video: “Neighbors”
Directors: J. Cole, Scott Lazer

What was meant to be a creative area called “The Sheltuh” for Dreamville artists/producers rapidly turned into a place of interest for the SWAT group in North Carolina. The Fayetteville-native released a home record of law police officers raiding this space searching for drugs or weed plants due to a neighbor who thought things were questionable, shared manufacturer Elite. Without having to mention it, Cole put racism’s head on screen in under 90 seconds.

Artist: SZA
Video: “Love Galore” feat. Travis Scott
Director: Nabil

Bondage, butterflies, and badassery are the ingredients to SZA’s dim movie. As mentioned by numerous viewers and press outlets, the Ctrl individual’s visual is reminiscent of Kathy Bates’ role in the film Misery, especially nearing the grisly end of the four-minute recording.

Artist: Jessie Reyez
Video: “Gatekeeper”
Manager: Peter Huang

The shadowy realities of making it into the music business come to light within this stirring portrayal, which Reyez said was her method of “talking about my adventures, talking about the sh*t that I went through, and keep it as honest as I could.” Within the movie, an aggressive music business executive provides Reyez an uncomfortable proposition to be able to receive her big break as a singer. Before things go too far, Reyez stands her ground and gets herself out of a troubling situation.

Artist: Miguel
Video: “Now”
Manager: Philip Knowlton

Your favorite singer’s beloved singer sought to bring awareness to the horrors of all detention camps over the U.S., especially California’s Adelanto High Desert Detention Center. According to , the centre holds nearly 2,000 immigrants in Mexico to Haiti. To change the narrative surrounding detention centres, the War & Leisure artist performed close to the location to incite a “political awakening” and join one of many discussions that has been the middle of coverage in this country since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Video: “ELEMENT.”
Manager: Jonas Lindstroem & The Little Homies

After the DAMN. Rapper sets out to deliver his lyrics to visual lifethat he goes over and beyond what fans might expect. That is the case for “ELEMENT.” Which took its cues from the legendary photographer Gordon Parks’ still pictures to bring a physical quality to his iconic LIFE snapshots of black Americans. New York’s Gordon Parks Foundation recently surfaced an titled “Element: Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar” which married the artists’ creations for a side-by-side analysis.

Artist: Goldlink
Video: “Crew” feat. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy
Manager: Matthew Dillon Cohen

Shot in the nation’s capital, “Crew” seems like a hot competition to replace the “Star-Spangled Banner” with its catchy Faiyaz hook and the lyrical delivery of DMV representers Goldlink and Shy Glizzy. Even though the movie is minimal concerning scenery, the vibe depicted makes you want to catch your closest friends for a once-in-a-lifetime memory sans social media.

Artist: Bruno Mars
Video: “That’s What I enjoy”
Manager: Jonathan Lia

There is power held in ease, and when simplicity is combined with the absolute best talent and musicality of both Bruno Mars, you receive a music video leaking with vibrant, yet vibrant flair. “That’s What I enjoy” features the Hooligan in his element, bringing amazing, feel-good vibes and killer dance moves to an effect-tinged visual. The over-one billion viewpoints make it very clear that even if Mars is unassisted by his equally-as-gifted backing band without any sort of set or scenery, he is still a magnetic force to be reckoned with. Lucky for him personally. ~ J’na Jefferson

Artist: N.E.R.D
Video: “Lemon” feat. Rihanna
Directors: Todd Tourso & Scott Cudmore

N.E.R.D’s triumphant return to the music-sphere was ushered in by their own addictive individual, “Lemon,” earlier this season. Not only does the song get your feet moving, but also the easy-to-grasp choreography that version Mette Towley displays puts a pep in your step.

Artist: Young Thug
Video: “Wyclef Jean”
Manager: Ryan Staake

Staake had to dig deep into his creativity bag to salvage the immense video budget for Thugger’s “Wyclef Jean.” The rationale being that the ATL native neglected to appear on set for the production’s scheduled times so it had been up to Staake’s staff to put together a brilliant portrayal of that which was etched on their storyboard.

Artist: Joyner Lucas
Video: “I Am Not Racist”
Authors: Ben Proulx & Joyner Lucas

An angry black person–not even in the feeling of the dismissive stereotype, but rather literally someone enraged over legitimate circumstances–would never, in any respect, hug a white person who only called them a***er. Joyner Lucas’ viral “I’m Not Racist” movie, that he co-directed with Ben Proulx, could have you think otherwise, though.

Though the polarizing visual–an accusatory MAGA hat-wearing white man and defensive natural haired black man have a “conversation” in a warehouse– has been captured on some nice cameras also does a fantastic job of both recording the actors’ emotions and mimicking ours the message it sends is a fictitious one. It means that black people have any area to take from the realization and eradication of racism, a thing white people are wholly accountable for. The movie asks us to “see things from either side,” however there weren’t any 2 sides of equity when white people willfully put people of colour through hell (and systemically still do).

Thus far, Joyner’s movie has racked up over 15 million viewpoints on YouTube in under a month, and so it has the potential to spark a few really significant conversations about racial dynamics in the usa. But it would’ve been nice to see such a dialogue really start off to a more reasonable and precise foot. ~ Stacy-Ann Ellis

Artist: JAY-Z
Video: “Story of O.J.”
Manager: Mark Romanek

This vibrant black-and-white visual kicked-off Jay’s onslaught of thought-provoking movie after thought-provoking video. To boast the lyrical content of his 4:44 album, the Brooklynite made a decision to recover the Deadly Little Black Sambo caricature pictures to breathe new life to that Kanye West line: “Even if you in a Benz, you still a ni**a in a coupe.”

Artist: Princess Nokia
Song: “Flava”
Directors: Destiny Frasqueri & Milah Libin

Princess Nokia kicked off her movie in an inspirational way with a inspirational spoken phrase. If nobody else tells you the you’re beautiful inside and outside, enable the 1992 Deluxe artist to be the source of confirmation. “All women are meant to be something special in this world even if they are told they are not likely to be”

Artist: Aminé
Manager: Adam “Aminé” Daniel

Quicny’s Auto Group was the location of choice to Aminé’s controversial songs video. The climbing artist adorned white confront alongside two unidentified celebrities to perform with a group of three men at an automobile dealership. Aminé continued to touch upon racial references like the firm’ black staff’s interactions with the main character and the production of the “NWACP.”

Artist: Vic Mensa
Song: “Rage”
Manager: Andrew Donoho

In case you have a fear of flying, then jump past this movie. If you’re lucky and highly-favored then press play this uncontrollable demonstration from Chicago’s Vic Mensa. The lyrically-gifted rapper attempts to survive a fiery private plane crash that rips apart the luxurious aircraft and also listeners’ hearts using Mensa’s comprehensive lyrics.

Artist: Danny Brown
Song: “Ain’t It Funny”
Manager: Jonah Hill

If Danny Brown ever aims to shift over to the sitcom-circuit, then he’ll probably have a rewarding career. The Detroit native invited viewers into his psychedelic mind through the Religious Values Network while celebrity Jonah Hill’s directorial steering caught  the rapper’s battle with tough drugs while people encircling him confusingly laugh at his use. Although Brown has been open about his relationship to certain tablets, it is fascinating to see him  show  it on an unabashed stage to demonstrate the horrors of drug abuse.

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Song: “HUMBLE.”
Manager: Dave Meyers & The Little Homies

This calendar year, Lamar raised the creativity of his videos through pictures that mean more than meets the eye. The Compton native blended in flashy images of expensive threads or taking money out of a cash gun to interpreting iconic religious paintings like The Last Supper or dressing up in a godly white sands such as the pope.

Artist: J Balvin
Song: “Mi Gente” feat. Willy William
Director: 36 Grados/JP Valencia

The vibrancy will get you on your toes and mimic the dance moves inside. The beat is currently contagious, functioning as the driving force to inspire one to shake it off. “By erasing challenges of races, colors, continents, languages or genres, we could attain the whole planet moving their head to the identical beat.” ~ J. Balvin

Artist: French Montana
Song: “Unforgettable” feat. Swae Lee
Directors: Spiff TV & French Montana

KampalaUganda served as the background for Montana’s “memorable” excursion in which he introduced the masses to a dancing troupe telephone the Triplets Ghetto Kids. Their debut stateside catapulted the young amateurs’ from late night chat shows to our July cover feature to the Morocco-born rapper.

Artist: Preditah
Song: “On My Head” feat. Jorja Smith
Manager: Hector Dockrill

The vibes runneth over while the burgeoning songstress easily commands the room of confidants with her eloquent tone. You will likely run it back two.

Artist: A$AP Ferg
Song: “Plain Jane”
Manager: AWGE

The du-rag connoisseur allow his flap hang in the mundane corridors of a flat building to the streets of uptown NYC. Ferg’s mob were front and centre with their bicycles as their noodle matched the level of the A$AP Mob penis’s lyrical delivery. This is only another scene that you could witness on the summer in the Big Apple.

Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Song: “Who Dat Boy” feat. A$AP Rocky
Manager: Wolf Haley

The lyrical mad scientist that’s Tyler, the Creator concocted a cinematic feature starring rapper-turned-plastic-surgeon A$AP Rocky. The doc stitched a completely new face for the OFWGKTA member as he attempted to escape law enforcement to an unknown offense. Even though the video started somewhat menacing, it finishes on a pink and cheery notice.

Artist: Chance the Rapper
Song: “Same Drugs”
Manager: Jake Schreier

The philanthropist has a good relationship with real-life puppets and predicted his stint using if he debuted the video for “Same Drugs.” Though it’s a simple demonstration, the insert of the puppets give the movie a calm and tranquil feeling to match the voice’ somber quality.

Artist: Kamasi Washington
Song: “Truth”
Manager: AG Rojas

Yet shots of normal life to isolation are contained in this Jazz artist’s 14-minute video. You are left to your own sensations to interpret the meaning of each picture as Washington’s intricate instrumental guides your own sensations.

Artist: Missy Elliott
Song: “I’m Better” feat. Lamb
Directors: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott

The G.O.A.T. when it comes to music videos, Misdemeanor didn’t disappoint with this. It was only right that she allow the legendary visionary Meyers to catch her sharp choreography and futuristic set-ups.

Artist: Kelela
Song: “LMK”
Manager: Andrew Thomas Huang

The looks that Kelela served were priceless and marginally paid homage to a few R&B gatekeepers, namely Mary J. Blige with the blond wig and black head scarf. The constant movement of the camera also keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Artist: Migos
Song: “T-Shirt”
Directors: DAPS & Quavo

The Atlanta trio escaped to their own version of a winter wonderland armed with highly-expensive furs, snowmobiles, plus a cottage fit for three wise kings. Quavo also hastens his directing chops to deliver to existence The Revenant-like trap interpretation.

Artist: Khalid
Song: “Young Dumb & Broke”
Manager: Calmatic

School is out and it is time to consider your next plan of actions prior to the next term begins. But before you put in to or create a vision board, allow the “Location” singer to shoot you down the street in a yearbook-like montage with pupils at Los Angeles’ University High School, including surprise cameos in entertainers Wayne Brady and Kel Mitchell. Basically, what high school dreams are made of.

Artist: SZA
Song: “Drew Barrymore”
Manager: Dave Meyers

From time to time, the most fun you will have will come in an unplanned or random night outside city. For Grammy-nominated SZA, the New Jersey native and her buddies courageous NYC’s cold air to locate move after move, and even brushed shoulders with the actual Drew Barrymore.

Artist: Kehlani
Song: “Honey”
Manager: David Camarena

Kehlani’s music always provides a breath of fresh air, especially when she sings on the pleasures of love. To match with the colour of honey, the movie is at least as gold with its own moments of flirtatious bliss and a world in which it is just two people getting to know each other with no strings attached.

Artist: Mike WiLL Made-It
Song: “Perfect Pint” feat. Rae Sremmurd, Kendrick Lamar & Gucci Mane
Manager: Nabil

Gigantic pills falling from the skies, flying sea turtles that thrive from air and not water, and Gucci Mane within an astronaut are just a few of the wacky pictures that exist within this alternative world.